This is a selection of my work. The technical projects section highlights my abilities in data science, programming, and math. The other section includes some of my website content management experience.

Technical Projects

Data Science Capstone

IBM Data Science Professional Certificate Course

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Completed in early 2023, this project demonstrated my understanding of data science methodology and my communication skills in sharing the insights generated from rocket launch data.

Python libraries used include NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Seaborn, Folium, and Scikit-Learn. Machine Learning models included Logistic Regression, Support Vector Machine (SVM), Decision Tree, and k-Nearest Neighbors (KNN).

I wrote and executed SQL queries and applied a variety of math skills. Details are available in the Jupyter Notebooks on my GitHub page.


Parachute Manufacturing Order Management System

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This project began life as a simple, database powered list of in stock parachute systems and the software tools to manage the list. The manage stock page (not accessable with the guest login) is used to easily create and edit stock listings. There is a API-like interface which can be used to port the stock listing contents to other sites.

The expansion pack includes production order management software with a focus on parachute specification and configuration details. There are partially developed features including customer relationship management tools, a calendar with events, reference section with various technical resources, production analytics, and inventory tracking. Also, the project included elements of UX/UI design and cybersecurity considerations such as user credential management and automated credential reset functionality.

Access to the majority of this project is restricted from the guest login. Please reach out for an individual login and a guided tour.


Biltong Production Calculations and Logistics

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Biltong is a delicious and nutritious air cured beef snack. This app automates recipe calculations for biltong production. It is a relatively small app that utilizes an HTML form, a database table, and some simple algebra to perform the relevant calculations.

The recipe management page is used to easily create and edit recipes. The batch logistics page performs calculations associated with batch scheduling, labeling, and tracking to assist in meeting compliance requirements. Note: These pages are not accessable with the guest login.

Mini Excavator

Work Scheduling Software Solution

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This is a draft platform for processing work orders, managing schedules, and creating invoices.

Website Content Management

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